Consumer Products


onsumer goods firms offer a wide range of products that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Strategic decision-making is often complicated by the complexities of these companies, which can include several products or units, target customer markets, geographies, and sales networks, among other characteristics. Consider the industry trends as follows:

The industry is undergoing significant channel transformation due to rising e-commerce penetration and Amazon's continued strength, innovative and transformative business structures, demographic changes and refreshed buying expectations, increasingly educated and motivated customers, and rapidly changing technology.

Many consumer companies are being forced to restructure their go-to-market strategy to maximize productivity from fewer points of distribution and develop direct-to-consumer strategies that involve skills and resources that are not usually housed in-house today.

Brands' position and power have also changed. The popularity of power brands has waned, and the proliferation of private label and other value brand alternatives provides customers with a plethora of options while trading down, which is especially important in an hourglass economy.

Consulting incorporates extensive business knowledge, fact-based insights, and advanced modeling to find answers to challenge problems and to instill trust in executive teams, enabling them to take responsible strategic action. Consumer goods businesses collaborate to develop strategies that accelerate innovation, build a competitive edge, maximize benefit and value development opportunities, and minimize risk. Although our method is highly analytical and fact-based, we often take extraordinary care to include management teams in the process, if necessary, to maintain complete alignment.

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