Supply Chain Management

Today’s digital–based Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems include material handling and software capabilities for all parties involved in product or service creation, order fulfillment, and information trackings, such as suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, shipping, and logistics providers, and retailers.

What Is the Purpose of Supply Chain Management?

Although many people equate the Supply Chain with logistics, logistics is only one component of the Supply Chain.

In a competitive market with low margins, effective Supply Chain Management (SCM) makes a significant difference to your company’s value, reputation, and revenue.

From this point; A Supply Chain is a “dynamic” “network” system, a system where information is shared up and down.

One of the primary “primary” goals of Supply Chain Management and the sources of variability is often not obvious!

Supply Chain Managers have to make decisions with their limited information and clear foresight, and these decisions will either cause out–of–stock or overstocked work!

This process starts from the production stage and covers the process until the product reaches the consumer’s hand. At this point, the step–by–step process goes through the following steps: Production Factory, Wholesalers, Distributors, Retailers, End Consumer


The product is first produced in the manufacturer’s factory and then delivered to distribution channels and wholesalers.


After that, retail companies that sell directly to the consumer also deliver the product to the end consumer.


The costs in this process vary depending on how many channels are involved


The manufacturer determines a specific price for the product, and then each intervening channel adds its profit margin and distributes the product to the next track.

aNumak & Company offers new and practical solutions to logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) with its revolutionary products, software, and operation management systems developed in– house with a dynamic team of software developers and system experts.

So join us now, and stay tuned to take the proper steps!

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