• Grow the team by recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new team members
  • Leading architecture development, execution and leaning into cloud – public, private and hybrid environments
  • Develop a vision and strategy for the product portfolio and management execution with regards to data acquisition, engineering, and governance, database tuning, automated database management, sharding, etc
  • Building tools, platforms and database integrations to turn a low-level backend data platform into a user-facing hosted cloud solution
  • Scaling up from proof of concept to “cluster scale” (and eventually hundreds of clusters with hundreds of terabytes each), in terms of both infrastructure/architecture and problem structure
  • Codifying best practices for future reuse in the form of accessible, reusable patterns, templates, and code bases to facilitate meta data capturing and management
  • Managing a team of software engineers writing new code to build a bigger, better, faster, more optimized HTAP database (using Apache Spark, Apache Arrow and a wealth of other open source data tools)
  • Interacting with exec team and senior engineering leadership to define, prioritize, and ensure smooth deployments with other operational components
  • Highly engaged with industry trends within analytics domain from a data acquisition processing, engineering, management perspective
  • Understand how data and analytics use cases across Web3 and major blockchains can be optimized through cluster-compute of SQL at extreme scale, on a global decentralized p2p network
  • Develop the future leaders of Space and Time by providing continuous mentorship, coaching, and growth opportunities.
  • Foster a culture of creativity and innovation while also promoting practical/agile decision-making


Skills & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related technical field. Masters or PhD a plus.
  • 8+ years experience engineering software and data platforms / enterprise-scale data warehouses, preferably with knowledge of open source Apache stack (especially Apache Spark, Apache Arrow, and others)
  • 3+ years experience leading/growing high-performance software eng teams
  • A track record of recruiting and leading technical teams in a demanding talent market
  • Rock solid engineering fundamentals; query planning, optimizing and distributed data warehouse systems experience is preferred but not required
  • Knowledge of blockchain indexing, web3 compute paradigms, Proofs and consensus mechanisms… is a strong plus but not required
  • Experience with rapid development cycles in a web-based environment
  • Strong scripting and test automation knowledge
  • Passionate about Web3, blockchain, decentralization, and a base understanding of how data/analytics plays into this
  • Ability to engage senior business leaders and translate between the needs of the business and the demands of / capacities of technology
  • If remote, willingness to let us fly you into Southern California to meet with the leadership team up to once a month (to connect in-person for a few days)