We, the specialists at aNumak & Company, completely familiarise ourselves with businesses and the consumer products market to uncover the most significant use cases for creating the digital infrastructure that propels consumer-centric developments.

To become resilient and sustain sustainable development, CPG companies utilize CPG analytics to anticipate shifting customer preferences and identify new growth prospects.

Consumer brands will stand out from the competition by identifying these growth opportunities and executing insights from granular data. However, companies encounter challenges in gaining these CPG data insights because of shifting consumer behavior and escalating prices.


Failure to integrate data from the value chain

As CPG data stays segregated across separate business units, it is costly and infeasible to have a meaningful effect at scale.


An inundation of data from varied markets

complicate matters while analyzing thousands of localizations for the execution of insight-driven tactics at more exemplary levels


Insufficient actionable insights

on future growth opportunities, making it difficult to upgrade and maintain essential commercial capabilities and assess impact.

How Do We Help Consumer Goods Companies Plan for the Future?

At aNumak & Company, we begin by assisting with the establishment of a single connected source of truth and co-developing forward-looking strategies on top of it, utilizing the new granular data and dismantling data silos.

Moreover, we help you close the final gap in executing these strategies in terms of dynamic insights, prescriptive actions, value realization, and value monitoring.

Services for Consumer Packaged Goods


Quicker returns

and our own accelerators cut time to value in half.


CPG data analytics are being implemented

at a large scale throughout the company, allowing for identifying future growth spots.


Consistent increases in revenues

thanks to novel approaches to e-commerce, channel sales, customer experience, distribution, and brand marketing.