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Customer Experience

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aNumak & Company creates transformation and builds businesses by assembling the competencies required to help enterprises flourish in the digital age.

Emerging Insights on Customer Experience

Through qualitative research generating customer insights

We partner with clients and train them to apply these views to focus problem-solving, enhance value propositions, remove hurdles to adoption, and innovate more quickly and effectively.

Segmentation for growth and strategic decision-making

We assist clients in developing a segmentation platform that provides the core insights required to manage the increasingly complex marketing environment of the present day.

Build a 360-degree customer view

We assist clients in generating a 360-degree perspective of their customers, which drives creativity, identifies the opportunities, and aids in the development of successful products and brands.

Employing conjoint analysis to provide comprehensive customer insights.

We assist clients in bringing the business acumen, technical expertise, and industry experience required to generate detailed and precise insights into customer preferences, segment with greater precision, uncover the "soft" character traits that help position brands, and forecast more precise predictions of market share and financial impact

Disclosing the stages and touchpoints that impact consumer brand preference.

We help our clients focus their investments on the four battlegrounds of the consumer-decision journey:

Explore customer views, attitudes, and motivations:

We collaborate with our clients to identify and investigate the ideas, attitudes, and motives that drive customer behaviour across the purchase decision path


By concentrating on their most valuable asset — their consumers —

we collaborate with our clients to offer greater experiences, value, and growth.

Deep knowledge

Acquiring deep knowledge to know the customer is not something that happens automatically.


When this information is removed quickly, and with high accuracy, insights that will affect the Customer Experience can be obtained.

Analytical power

In–depth information can be obtained by extracting customer insights from all interaction points in your organization with analytical power.


It becomes possible to effectively manage the customer experience by collecting and managing all the feedback coming from different channels such as website, mobile application, kiosk screens, SMS, e–mail at a single point.

As aNumak & Company, we take measures such as intervening in your journey where there are problems in profitability, motivating your employees to work harder, becoming a brand, making operational efficiency projects, and differentiating in the product.

So join us now, and stay tuned to take the proper steps!

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