Customer Experience

Customer Experience can be defined as conscious and unconscious brand perception arising from all your customers’ interactions with your brand.

What Is the Purpose of Customer Experiences?

For companies, “Customer Experience” is evaluated as the quality at every touchpoint of your customer and the total brand value created.

Customer Experience Management goes beyond serving your digital customers. It is a little more about knowing your customers well and knowing where they shop and what they buy.

In other words, providing your customers with tailored, personalized experiences through your holistic understanding of not just your digital or physical channels but their interactions across all of your channels persuades them not only to be loyal to you but also to pass on their experience to others, which is the most valuable form of advertising.

The first step in customer experience management will be to measure experience. To find out what kind of customer experience your customers have, you can ask open–ended or closed–ended questions by the Likert Scale.

Deep knowledge

Acquiring deep knowledge to know the customer is not something that happens automatically.


When this information is removed quickly, and with high accuracy, insights that will affect the Customer Experience can be obtained.

Analytical power

In–depth information can be obtained by extracting customer insights from all interaction points in your organization with analytical power.


It becomes possible to effectively manage the customer experience by collecting and managing all the feedback coming from different channels such as website, mobile application, kiosk screens, SMS, e–mail at a single point.

At this point, as aNumak & Company, we provide you with fast and highly accurate information experience and in–depth information that will recognize the customer.

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