Data & Analytics

We offer Data, Analytics, and Automation solutions that transform business and operating models for companies to realize their data–driven strategies.

Why Does Data & Analytics Matter?

Data is gaining value like gold day by day. The Data, which naturally exists in different forms, can be shaped for other purposes, and the Data can be repeatedly processed and used.

Unfortunately, although many institutions make significant investments, it is seen that they have difficulty in creating this new mine and adding value by processing it.

There are many reasons for this, including complex and peripheral architectures, absence of access controls and Data policies, and lack of enterprise Data language.

We see Data, Analytics, and Intelligent Automation as the foundation in everything we do to improve, accelerate and automate business decisions that increase the growth and profitability of organizations, unlock and increase the value of their Data, and achieve successful Data–Driven Business results.


Despite these challenges, pioneering institutions have begun to redesign their relationships with Data to extract value from Data


When data analysis is done with the correct data and methods, it can prevent many mistakes that can be made in strategic and critical decisions of companies


The greater the amount of data to be analyzed, the greater the need for expertise and correct practice for processing and interpreting this data.

Data analysis

Experts perform data analysis processes using data analysis applications save time and are necessary to achieve the most accurate results.

As aNumak & Company, we offer Data, Analytics, and Automation solutions that transform business and operating models for companies to realize their Data–Driven Strategies. We combine our Data and Analytical competencies with technology and deep–rooted expertise to accelerate innovation in Data–Driven Solutions and provide global–scale outputs.

So join us now, and stay tuned to take the proper steps!

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