aNumak & Company assists health care organizations in taking immediate action to ensure their long-term competitiveness and success.

Utilize ML/AI in healthcare by organizing, integrating, and decoding health data for patient insights that maximize value.

The sudden shift to remote healthcare, the proliferation of IoT-based devices for patient monitoring, and the growing demand for telehealth have exploded healthcare data sources. However, using these data to enhance procedures and create value is tricky.

Ineffective data management methods and complex care management platforms prevent providers from acquiring relevant insights into their care ecosystem and patients' health, resulting in suboptimal processes and gaps in the healthcare ecosystem. Numerous obstacles are:


Inability to combine data from numerous sources

due to a lack of domain expertise for data interoperability and consolidation results in the absence of vital data that may aid healthcare practitioners in making the correct decision.


Inaccurate insights are derived from predictive models

that do not account for regional and specific needs, resulting in the misinterpretation of data and, consequently, false understandings.


Without more straightforward solutions, the complexity of healthcare analytics

and dashboard fatigue restrict healthcare practitioners from converting insights into action promptly.

How Do We Help Healthcare Companies Plan for the Future?

We, the experts at aNumak & Company, provide solutions that enable healthcare businesses to establish scalable, streamlined, and integrated data analytics and management systems that can operationalize data insights and allow them to give the appropriate care in the proper time.

Services in Healthcare


Empowering care management teams

with models for risk identification and strategy development


Healthcare-specific answers

are bolstered by our considerable experience in data science and industry expertise spanning multiple LOBs.


Robust predictive algorithms

with full-stack development experience to achieve more precision than industry norms.