What Makes A Great Leader Distinct From A Good Leader?

Leadership is critical in organizations, structures, and life as we know it. The quality of a leader in any sphere can, to a large extent, determine the course of that organization. Moreover, leaders are at the forefront of any structure, making critical decisions that can significantly affect the organization’s future. This makes it necessary that whoever bears this responsibility is one who has qualities that can only help to steer the organization on the right path.

Nevertheless, “Leadership is the ability to realize a vision.”

The success of an organization is defined by its leaders; however, some organizations in the same sphere experience more success. Therefore, an in-depth study will form the basis for this article highlighting the differences between good and great leaders. Leadership involves broadening a person’s vision, elevating a person’s performance to a higher standard, and expanding a person’s personality beyond its typical limits.

Here are some differences between a good leader and a great leader:

• A good leader shows their capabilities. They are interested in showing what they can do and how their abilities are essential for the company’s growth. A great leader, on the other hand, builds the follower’s abilities. The leader focuses on and utilizes the strengths of his followers, making them understand that they are capable and equal to the task.

• A good leader always wants to be in control. They like to be at the forefront of activities, ensuring that it is properly delivered. A great leader lets go of control and leverage the right people for tasks.

• A good leader builds teams. Good leaders make teams that can handle tasks. Often, these teams execute the leader’s ideas. A great leader builds empires. He makes people with their ideas, and they help upscale the business.


While good leaders get the job done, great leaders are vital to ensuring that the organization is at its best possible optimum level. Great leaders are not born; they are made. Great leaders do not rest on their laurels; they always strive for better and push followers for better this is a primary distinguishing factor that reflects on performance. They make the followers understand the need to strive for improvement continuously. Last but not the least,True leadership means seeking to improve in all aspect of life and empowering others to become the best form of themselves.