Although these two concepts, which are very confused almost all over the world, are very combined, the results are different.

What Is the Purpose of Marketing?

While Marketing covers the cycle from the production process with the product to reaching the end consumer and meeting the consumer with the product again.

Sales are the stage that aims to get the potential customer to buy the product with the strategies determined by the Marketing activities, that is, gives meaning to the Marketing activities.

If we want to emphasize the differences between Marketing and Sales more sharply, Marketing looks at a net profit and sales turnover.

The Marketer manages the process and is with the product from its birth, while Sales are responsible for the successful completion of the process. The marketer determines the customer’s need and draws the customer’s attention to the product; The seller brings the product to the customer and satisfies the customer’s requirement.

Customer’s problem

The Sales strategy must be created in line with the clear expression of the potential customer’s problem.

Growth techniques

Use growth techniques and optimize marketing spending by frequently experimenting with different channels and strategies!


Because your potential customers may not fully understand the benefit of the product/service, you are selling at the beginning of the sales call.

Acquisition Rates

Customer Acquisition Rates, Customer Retention Rates, Customer Lifetime Value, Conversion Rates

At this stage, as aNumak & Company, we optimize these two stages for you and plan your next step.

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