Car Made with 3D Printer!

These days, when 3D Printers started to form our future, almost many objects began to be produced with this incredible invention.

Sanayi, Teknoloji, Makine, 3 Boyutlu, Araç, RobotThis madness, which started with the production of small parts in the automotive industry, after the aerospace industry, medicine, and industrial engineering, eventually went to the production of an automobile.

The metal parts of the vehicle, called Strati, except for the seats, engine, and lamps, all the spacers, and bodywork was produced with a 3D Printer. The automobile produced by Local Motors is the first in the world. The vehicle has an electric motor, but this motor was not made with a 3D printer. For now, it seems impossible to expect this from a 3D printer.

Strati, designed by Local Motors, means “layer” in Italian. The tool was given this name because 3D printers print objects in layers. So first, the firm published the car’s body from zero to 45 hours, followed by the engine, chassis, and electrical equipment.

The Strati is an all–electric, open–top sports vehicle that can reach a maximum speed of 65 kilometers per hour. It can travel up to 200 kilometers on a full battery charge.

Kevin Lo, who designed the vehicle, was the winner of the design competition organized by Local Motors last July. He also has many designs under development for the LM3D series. The company will conduct crash and road tests of the vehicle throughout 2016 and complete the necessary certifications for traffic. The slogan chosen by the company for the LM3D vehicle is “Safe, Smart, and Sustainable.”

The company plans to produce 2400 vehicles per year with giant 3D Printers built in its production facility. In the micro–factory to be established, the products will be delivered quickly without the cost of molding, and the designs will be produced promptly. The company started the prototype design last July, and in September, they were able to make their prototypes thanks to the 3D Printer.

3 Boyutlu Yazıcı, 3D Baskı, 3 BoyutluNinety percent of the vehicle’s parts consist of parts produced with a 3D Printer. The material used is 80% ABS and 20% carbon fiber. Features such as wheels and chassis were made according to traditional methods.

They need to develop and refine the 3D Printing technique and design. But they plan to launch the Strati model by the end of this year for between $18,000 and $30,000.

Local Motors chose this version among 200 different designs sent to them for Strati. With 3D Printing Technology, they aim to provide customers with customized cars that can be delivered within hours in the future.

The future of 3D Printers looks very bright, as 3D Printers will be in every home in the future, just like the 2D Printer currently in almost every home with a computer. When you want to buy a product, you will only pay for the data file of that product, and you will be able to print and use the product you want at home. But, of course, you have to wait a long time for this technology to enter our lives fully