We, the retail experts at aNumak & Company, work with their customers to devise and implement effective strategies across digital media, analytics, technology, and storefronts.

As part of a retail strategy that is more flexible and responsive to customer needs than ever before, aNumak & Company assists businesses in placing a premium on digital initiatives.

Regarding generating and financing growth opportunities, aNumak & Company is a trusted partner for retailers of all sizes. This may involve a new digital product, an internal or startup venture, a merger, or an acquisition.

The difficulty? Retailers have a wealth of data, but they lack insights. As a result, they are having difficulty utilizing their business data, retail analytics, and data analytics to produce value.


Insights cannot stay at pace with consumers

Because complex solutions and out-of-date analytical methods are too slow to produce recommendations in real-time.


Black box solutions fail to provide value

Because their complexity and inflexibility necessitate excessive implementation and interpretation resources.


Retailers are overwhelmed by an excess of data

so they require authentic AI/ML to uncover insights


Data buried in silos within outdated systems

provides an imperfect view of customers and businesses.

How Our Retail Specialists Assist Clients in Developing Retail Strategies for the New Realities?

Our retail and professional services teams comprise retail industry experts with expertise spanning the entire digital space, supported by proprietary platforms and solutions.

Our work aims to improve the commercial proposition, formats, omnichannel, and operations capabilities required to execute retail strategy in a pandemic-affected world where consumer behavior continues to change abruptly and instantaneously.

Services for Retail


Digital Marketing and Customization for Today's Retail Sector

To help retailers enlarge their audience, we capitalize on our experience developing digital marketing skills and utilizing AI and other retail technologies to drive personalization.


Social Influence

Incorporating sustainable practices and active social responsibility into retail has become a priority. We collaborate with global retailers to ensure the contributions to social and environmental objectives, such as inclusive hiring practices and reducing plastic packaging.


Retail Initiatives

We prioritize the proper end-to-end operations, then rapidly mini-test and iterate specific solutions (physical and digital) to enhance demand forecasting, inventory management, and more, with the desired customer experience and economics.


Cost Optimization

By focusing on each cost item separately, we could realign the retailer's operational expenses with customers' perceived value, providing value for all parties. In a retail climate that is constantly changing, it is imperative to make careful tradeoffs between price, quality of service, and overall customer experience.